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Dark Angel Mu Online Information
Normal Exp: 9999x
Master Exp: 9999x
Reset Server: Yes
Grand Reset Remain Stats: Yes
5555 Free Point(s) = 3500 Credits

Max Stat's: 60000
Drop Rate: 80%
Server Capacity: 1000
Max Option: Full Exc Option
Jewels Drop Rate: Korean Base
( Korean / Webzen )

Jewel Success Rate:
10-13 = 100%
14-15 = 45/40%
380 Items: Exc Option
Ancient Items: Exc Excellent Option
Lucky Items: Exc Excellent Option
Socket Items: No Excellent Option

Do not enter invalid email(s) to get a fully access your account. Your password will be send automatically on your email.
You can check on inbox / junk folder

Where to get the full exc option?
All excellent items / option can be hunt on ingame server.
New Jewel's Drop
You can hunt the all Dark Jewels in BattleMap Server

Monster Bosses Adjustment
All we know when the server is 60000 max stats all monster are very easy to kill

wCoin | Credits
xShop: Enable
Webshop: Enable
Voting System: Enable ( 400 Credits Every 24 Hours )
Top Voter will receive Diamonds + Jewel of Kondar

( Everyone are welcome on Dark Angel MU )

You can earn wcoin: Ingame Events
WCOIN; you can exchange it via Control Panel using our website

Multiple Client: Max 5 Client
If you wish more than 5 ( please submit your ticket request on website)

Easy Exp | Hard Master Skill Exp | Hard Items
Exp + Golden Party is enable
( Gens Map + Exp Increase + Drop Increase + Master Exp Increase )

Monster(s) Bosses
We improve the defense and damage of each monster boss. So you cannot kill easily with 60000

( Seconds / Minutes )

God of Darkness Respawn: 600s

Nixie Battle: 600s

Lord of Ferea / Ferea Crystal Orb: 600s

Jewels Drop Korean Base
( The new jewels will be modify )
Items Drop Customization
( Hunt, kill the bosses in-game event )


We have Gift for each donations threshold

20 EURO : 1x +15 Exc Set FO, Wing + VIP Platinum for 30 days

40 EURO : 2x +15 par of Rings, 1x +15 Pendants, 4th Wing for 120 days

80 EURO : 1x custom Socket set for chosen Class

100 EURO : 4th Wings for chosen Class

In this version you will see the following:

- Fourth character evolution for all character class
- Fourth class quest
- Fourth Skill Tree Enhancement
- Renewal of third Skill Tree
- Deep Dungeon maps nad monsters
- Changes to event entry levels
- General UI improvements
- MuHelper renewal
- Favourite Warps selection
- Guide Quest System
- Jewelery Bingo Mini-Game
- Removed special class warp benefits
- Max Master level 920
- New map -> Swamp of Darkness
- New Swamp of Darkness monsters
- New set items -> Awakening Soul
- New Awakening Soul chaos combination mix
- Enhancement fourth skill tree by debuff options
- Items division system
- Simplified material chaos combinations
- Range of UI improvements
.. and more


Castle Siege

! More details

Castle Owner: 123a
Castle Lord: ThieuGia
Money: 600,500
Tax Hunt Zone: 300,000
Next battle: 17:00 - 19:00, 29/05/2018


Status: Protected

Top Voters

! Reset Every Month

Monthly rewards will be given to the Top 5 Voters. 1st: 5555, 2nd: 5500, 3rd: 5445, 4th: 5390, 5th: 5335 [Diamond]